My Passion is Theme Parks

My passion is theme parks. Even when I was young I loved the thrill of rollercoasters – and they were only the kids rides that didn’t go upside down!

So my job right now is to talk about theme parks. I guess I can provide you with statistics and facts – though you will only fall asleep. I could be really serious and provide news stories about theme parks – but then again even I will be slightly bored with writing that!

I’ll just give you my thoughts on theme parks. I’m no enthusiast that knows the ins and outs of theme parks, how rollercoasters are made etc. But that doesn’t mean that I don’t know what is happening – only in the UK, although we know the biggest and most extreme rides are in the USA.

I’ve been to Thorpe Park and Chessington WoA many times when I was younger although the travelling was a pain in the arse. An hour long journey all the way to London is not fun but I didn’t care – going to a theme park was a treat.

I have been to Alton Towers back in 2001 – wow that was 10 years ago. But the distance from where I live makes it difficult to travel there every year. I still remember the first time I dragged my mum onto the big rides, especially Nemesis – the inverted white rollercoaster based on a ‘monster’. While my mum shut her eyes (and looked slightly green), my eyes were gleaming with excitement.

Of course theme parks are not for everybody. Some people have a fear of heights, some people have a fear of going really fast – yes it is true! but some people have a general fear of rollercoasters.

I’m just one of those people that really love rollercoasters and theme parks in general, and I hope that this blog might open your eyes to how amazing theme parks can be.


Sit back, keep your arms and legs inside the carriage at all times and don’t forget to SCREAM!


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