Thorpe Park Fright Nights

I went to Thorpe Park Fright Nights on Saturday, which worked perfectly considering I had just been paid so I didn’t need to worry about money!

I thought the event in general was a great improvement on last year’s event. Last year consisted of you being stuck in Thorpe Park’s own madhouse where the lunatics (roaming actors to you and I) were out and about to scare unwitting guests around the park. Whilst this worked to some extent, I felt the theme wasn’t very known around the park. This year however, you are part of the Thorpe Park movie studios and are the ‘stars’ of the shows.

This worked much better, and I loved the park/ride audio with the director shouting ‘action’ when a ride commenced and ‘cut’ when the ride finished. The general atmosphere of the park itself was much more creepy and surreal, obviously not on par with what it was back in 2007/8 which I felt were Thorpe’s stronger years.

As for the mazes, all but one are based on Lionsgate films, I was impressed with some and left disappointed with others. Our first maze was Cabin in the Woods as I was told this would have the longest queue. A free flow maze in the area where Hellgate used to be, or the failure of the Passing last year. It was a great concept but the free flowing maze which required a set amount of people in one room so effects and actors could work their scares on us, didn’t work as well as it could. Our group had too many people in a room at one time, and for one room, the door needed to be shut in order for the effects to work and it didn’t work therefore ruining the maze for me. However this was my favourite maze of the night as it had plenty of scares for me!

Next was The Asylum, which has been running for 8 years now, and still incredibly popular. This maze is the one maze NOT based on a Lionsgate film. I have been on it every year I visited the park for Fright Nights and it is still the same old Asylum. The scares are predictable, a little jumpy at times except for the finale which I feel is the best part of the maze, but it needs more. Perhaps it is time for a change as it has been running for so long, and still follows the same route every year.

On to the second Lionsgate inspired maze of My Bloody Valentine. This was a disappointing maze for me. I believe this was due to the poor runthrough my group experienced as there were next to no scares at all. One point I got lost with a group  behind and an actor grabbed my hoodie and pulled me in the right direction, oops. Reviews have said this is the most intense maze, and I may believe that it is but unfortunately I will need to return to Thorpe in order to try this maze again and see if I get a better runthrough.

SAW Alive is the next maze we headed for and once again, another maze that is still the same as it was. Just with more actors. I thought it was alright but I always want more. Our final scare attraction to visit was the Blair Witch Project Scare Zone. Now, mixed reviews have come from this with some people loving it and others absolutely hating it. To be honest, it was bland for me and the finale in the shed was ruined for me when I saw an actor go inside. Maybe you need to immerse yourself in the story to make it more enjoyable but for me, it wasn’t great.

Nighttime riding is the best part about this time of year. Get on all the coasters in the dark and just enjoy a new experience! Loved the Swarm in the dark, really adds to the ride when you do it during the day. Overall, I enjoyed spending the day at Fright Nights as it was definitely much better than last year, however some disappointments were had with the scare attractions. Either I’m becoming immune to them therefore need to try other places such as Tulleys or Screamfest Burton, or Thorpe Park needs to work on their mazes. Who knows?

But I will say now, get yourself down to Thorpe Park Fright Nights as it is definitely worth doing!


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