Scarefest 2013 continued…

After a nice-ish night at the Vane, I was ready to set off for my second day at Alton Towers. Hopefully after the bad luck we endured on Saturday, we would have a better day on park. Well…

The day started off alright. We set off towards the Dark Forest to ride Thirteen. The queue went quite quickly and pretty soon there was a TST takeover on one of the trains. It was time for ‘lunch’ so a small group of us headed off towards Carnival so we could get that maze done. And I have to say it was definitely a great improvement than last year, especially with the finale.

After this we headed off towards the Smiler to mooch around and wait for the 2.30pm meet up outside TOTT. This was where the whole group, out of the kindness of Pete Cliff, got on the maze, even those who didn’t have maze tickets. And this time, the maze was brilliant. More actors around the maze, using the space better and giving us some good scares! After leaving the maze it was starting to rain quite heavily. A quick shower which would pass over.


Me and a few others wanted to do the Sanctuary. That is when the heavens let loose and a hailstorm hit the park. I ran as fast as I could towards the Burger Kitchen in Cloud Cuckoo Land. Soaked to the brim. Cold. I decided to get myself a meal there as I knew I wouldn’t be getting any other kind of food anytime during the evening.

The rain shower passed sort of, leaving the park in a bit of a drowned mess. This left us wandering the park and looking for stuff that was open. Oblivion had a short queue so we headed off there. That ride will never get old, and will NEVER get overshadowed by the Smiler.

It was time to meet by Spinball for more faff. This was where the group drifted into 2 separate groups. I wanted to do the Smiler in the dark therefore stuck with that group. Some TST members were setting off home due to early starts on Monday morning. Our group decided to get one final go in the Carnival and then head off to the Smiler so we could leave the car park at 9pm on the dot.

Bad luck struck us one more time as we arrived in the Smiler queue line. 80 minute queue time turned into 120 minutes. Made even longer by the ride breaking down once we had arrived into the station. There was doubt we would be able to get on the ride, especially with the weather taking a turn for the worst again.

Thankfully we got on the ride which was certainly an interesting experience, but something I will remember for a while to come.

I got to my hotel before 11pm and drifted off to sleep. After an eventful weekend, I was ready to set off back down south on Monday morning, despite having the temptation to visit the park one more time!

Overall, this weekend was made enjoyable by the people. It could have been ruined by the power cut and torrential rain, instead I had a great time with some great friends. Bring on Alton Towers Fireworks!


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