Scarefest 2013

What a weekend!

I am finally home after what has been a very interesting and explosive weekend. Let me take you back to what happened during the weekend.

Saturday morning. I got up extremely early. Excitement was kicking in but I guess having an early night makes you get up early. Really early – 6am. I decided to stay up as I knew it would be difficult for me to get back to sleep. Got myself ready and set off for the local Tesco so I could top up my petrol ready for Monday. So all was going well. I arrived at Towers around 8.45am and walked down to the entrance plaza where I was met with long queues already. This was the first sign that the park was going to be busy.

Once the gates opened and we were let through the turnstiles, I power walked down towards the Box Office so I could pick up my Freedom Pass (a scare maze ticket which gave unlimited entry) before the queue got horrendously busy. Not entirely sure if this was a mistake as later on I was back queueing with my TST friends. The queue was as to be expected, horribly busy and long.

A long wait later, the group were ready to kick off the day by heading off towards the Forbidden Valley to do Air and Nemesis. Shortish queues for both rides so I thought the rest of the day would go by smoothly. Some faff was to be had whilst waiting for some other members to collect maze tickets from the Box Office. I hate faff even at the best of times.

Finally we were off to do the two mazes in the Towers, The Sanctuary and Terror of the Towers. Quite mediocre runthroughs. I didn’t really enjoy both of them, considering last year these were my two favourites. On to the final scare maze, Carnival of Screams.

This is where the day completely went into meltdown.

Whilst queuing for the Carnival, a power cut had struck the whole park. We all knew what was going on, but the staff seemed oblivious and just as confused as some guests. The eerie quietness of the park was quite disorientating. And it wasn’t long before we were evacuated out of the queue line, after queueing for an hour or so.

The group decided to get a group photo, and then split off into two groups. The group I was with set off towards the Vane to check in and get changed into our costumes. The rest stayed on park to find areas which had power only to be met with long queues, and big crowds.

After spending a long time at the Vane getting ready, I was settting off back to the park to find the rest of the group. We found them in one of the meeting rooms at the Alton Towers Hotel, having a Q+A with Pete Cliff, the Creative Director at the park. Arriving fashionably late did make the rest of the group give us looks of ‘Nice costumes!’ After the Q+A, we headed back on park for what was meant to be a fastrack through the Carnival and TOTT, and enjoy a couple of rides in the dark. Well the small group I was with decided to head off to the Sanctuary.

Despite the terrible afternoon with the power cut, which meant the queue was horrible, an hour later we were finally heading into the maze. We wanted to get a final ride on the Runaway Train, and an on-ride photo with our costumes, as part of tradition. However when we ran all the way over there, they had just parked the train in the tunnel therefore it was closed. Completely gutted.

However all wasn’t lost when we returned to Splash to get a photo on the huge deck chair. This definitely made up for the bad luck we have had. So hopefully Sunday will be much better? Find out later.


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