Fireworks Finale

I am home after what has been a truly wonderful weekend away at Alton Towers.

Friends. Fireworks. Fun.

Pretty much had a fantastic weekend, definitely a high point that was needed after the last few weeks of depressiveness.

I could not fault anything with the weekend. I got the chance to experience an amazing fireworks display for two evenings, and I was blown away by them! To be reunited with the people who I really care about as well, it made the weekend so special to me.

It is very sad that it is now over. In all honesty, it feels like a blur. Strange to think that I was at Alton Towers this morning and now I am back home. Returning to reality tomorrow morning with work.

I might have also got a little bit too drunk last night at the hotels but then again, a TST Fireworks Meet wouldn’t be complete without some alcohol related fun at the hotels.

Looking back, I wish I could relive it all again. Despite the cold weather, I had fun! I had a smile on my face for the whole weekend, and I want it to stay there forever.

Was a bit crazy to be back at home with my mum reminding me that next Monday is my birthday and next Tuesday is my graduation. After a weekend at a theme park, I completely forget about real life and escape to a world of happiness and laughter.

I love each and every person on TST, but there are a select few who I have found friends for life.

I am very tired right now, in need of some sleep catch up after going to bed at 5am, not my best idea. And with work calling my name in a mere 8 hours’ time, I really need to get all the sleep I can get.

I also need to sort myself out as well before things get forgotten! Crazy how quickly time flies by when you’re having fun and everything coming together all at once.

See you later 2013 season, here’s to the new season in 2014 which should be just good, if not better!


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