Tackling Scare Mazes

I overthink. A lot! So, it is no surprise that I can get really nervous and uptight about doing scare mazes, especially new ones that I have never experienced before, even though I walk through them and absolutely love them!

It is a bit of a contradiction but it is the fear of the unknown and overthinking that can get our adrenaline going whilst queuing for a scare maze. Some people have no fear when it comes to scare attractions whilst others will be completely nervous and have second thoughts about queuing. Never fear, I’ve come up with some helpful tips to help you with your nerves!


#1: The actors are humans

It’s easy to forget that you are effectively walking through an attraction with a bunch of actors covered in blood splatters and latex. You can easily forget they are human, just like you. Yes, they are there to scare you, get in your face, touch you if the attraction allows them to, it is their job to scare you. If they do then they are doing a grand job of it.

#2: The actors will NOT harm you

The scare actors are not there to hurt you, at all. Some actors may be carrying props such as chainsaws, knives etc. They are just that, Props. Yes, they may get up close to you and in some instances, touch you but it is all for effect. They want to make you jump and get scared. That’s all.

#3: Be prepared to be split up from your group

Scare mazes are designed to be disorientating and in some cases, they WILL split you up. The first time I encountered Sub Species at Alton Towers Scarefest, I held tightly onto my partner’s arm and the next thing I knew, he was being dragged through a door without me in tow.

Yes, I was very scared and had to put on a brave face as I encountered the dark corridors on my own.

Yes, I got lost.

Don’t panic though! Take a deep breath and just keep walking through the various doors you find along the way. You will find your way out. If you’re lucky, an actor may point you in the right direction if they feel you are walking round in circles. My personal experience of My Bloody Valentine (previously at Thorpe Park), an actor grabbed my arm and pulled me down the right corridor whilst staying in character. I had a whole group behind me who thought I knew the way. They were wrong! I couldn’t help but laugh.

#4: Don’t hide behind the person in front

In a nutshell, you will make yourself an easy target if you’re hiding behind your friends, partner, anyone who happens to be in front of you. The actors will target you so why not show a bit of bravery, or at least pretend to. Sometimes pretending you are brave helps to make the experience more enjoyable. I’m always nervous when it comes to new mazes but I try my best to put on a brave face. Yes, I do get jump scares from the actors but it’s all good fun.

#5: Keep walking straight ahead, DON’T stop or run

Some people may get themselves into a panic and start losing sight of where they are going. Don’t stop in the maze, you will bump into people. Keep walking ahead and follow the path around the maze, you will find the way out. Keep telling yourself that you will get out. It is never as bad as it seems!

#6: Give scare mazes a go, honest!

My final tip is honestly so true. You never know whether you’ll like something until you try it. The same can be said for scare mazes. I find if you don’t tackle scare mazes then you will always fear them and think the worst. Bite the bullet and enjoy them. Take in the theming as you’re wandering around, enjoy the experience and you will not regret it. If you don’t like them for being too scary, at least you can say you went through it. That is a triumph and you should be proud!

ÔFright Nights 15th Anniversary launch party at Thorpe Park Resort in Surrey Picture date: Thursday October 6, 2016. This yearÕs ÔFright NightsÕ star attraction is Platform 15, a new maze curated by Lady GagaÕs Zombie Boy, Rick Genest. In total six scare mazes are available including ÔCabin in the WoodsÕ, ÔThe Blair Witch ProjectÕ, ÔSaw AliveÕ, ÔBig TopÕ and ÔContainmentÕ. Rides are also open late.

Hopefully these tips might help you out. Don’t overthink, take them in your stride and be proud of yourself when you come out of the exit screaming.

*These tips are from my own personal experience. If you have any tips of your own, feel free to share them in the comments below.

That’s all for now!


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