Alton Towers Moon Voyage Hotel Room

image17.jpegI had the pleasure of staying at the Alton Towers Hotel this year and was lucky enough to stay in one of their Moon Voyage rooms. Having only stayed in the standard rooms for ATH (Alton Towers Hotel) and Splash Landings, I was very excited to try out one of their themed rooms.

It was a pure fluke booking the Moon Voyage room, since our group booked it the week before our trip to Scarefest. And with the added Merlin Annual Pass discount, it was pretty much a bargain price – approx. £40 per person when split between four people.




The key cards for the themed rooms of the hotel really add to the feel of the experience. As you enter the corridor of the themed rooms, it gives you some idea as to what awaits in your room. The steampunk lighting, the purple walls, the vinyl print doors, you just feel like you are taken away from a bog standard hotel and into a new world.


The lights of the room numbers are possibly one of the prettiest I have seen in any of the hotels I have stayed at. The font that they have used really appeals to the creative designer inside myself! It felt very steampunk-esque. One thing that really sold it for me in the Moon Voyage room was the large teddy bear – I am a sucker for cuddly toys. And the fact that the room is purple, my favourite colour!





The beds were very comfortable, to the point that it was a struggle to get out of it the next morning. Or maybe that just was the busy day I had experiencing Scarefest till 9pm and craving a lazy Sunday as you do when you are 25! The ‘kids’ bunk bed area was very cosy and it even had an Xbox 360, for those moments when boredom kicks in, especially during the quieter off peak season when the park shuts at 4pm.





Honestly, it was worth the price we paid for the room. I wouldn’t personally pay any more than what we did as despite how pretty the room theming was, I have stayed in themed hotels abroad which are nicely themed and much better quality – Efteling, Phantasialand, Europa Park, I’m looking at you.

If you fancy staying at the Alton Towers Hotel, and are lucky enough to find a good deal online (Merlin Annual Passholders take note!) on the Moon Voyage room, I would highly recommend it.

That’s all for now.


One thought on “Alton Towers Moon Voyage Hotel Room

  1. It does look nice. You make it sound good. I would like to stay in one of the hotels in AT but they never seem to cheap for us as a couple.


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