Curb those Closed Season Blues


The closed season is now upon us. Theme parks in the UK are shut and we must keep ourselves busy during the next four months. I enjoy the comfort of having the quiet weekends to recover from the busy open season however I do find boredom comes along at certain points, so I thought I’d write some tips on how to tackle those closed season blues.

Join Theme Park Forums

Are you a chatty person that wants to chat to other likeminded enthusiasts about a wide array of topics on the industry? Why not check out some theme park forums that are around, for example CoasterForce, TowerStreet… there’s plenty you can find and join. Or why not check out some Facebook Pages for likeminded theme park enthusiasts. Simply click to join and one of the admins will add you to the group. I’m in a couple of different groups and I love reading everyone’s opinions on different theme park related news.

Play Rollercoaster Tycoon/Planet Coaster/No Limits

Now I prefer the classic Rollercoaster Tycoon, as I’m sure many other theme park enthusiasts do too, but nothing beats spending your spare time playing games. You can complete tasks and scenarios, build your own theme parks and rides, recreate any theme park in the world – I know I used to create Thorpe Park and Disneyland Paris back in the day. You can spend many hours (or days) getting hooked, then the next thing you know it’ll be the open season again!

Watch theme park vlogs on YouTube

There are plenty of YouTubers these days that vlog their daily life, and theme park visits. Why not head on over to YouTube and simply search for theme park vlogs. It can certainly keep your closed season blues at bay whilst you enjoy reminiscing different theme park events or POVs of your favourite coasters. I am a sucker for any Halloween event vlogs.

Reading a theme park inspired book

For the bookworms among us, reading books can be a lovely pastime to have. Why not get yourself a book about the theme park industry. There are loads to choose from on Amazon! Obviously depending on the book, they can be pricey but honestly worth it if you need that theme park fix during the closed season. I’ve got a few myself that I read on the odd occasion.

Plan a trip with your best friends

What better way to get excited for the 2018 season than planning a trip or two with your best friends. Get together and start planning a UK or International trip. Creating a route on Google Maps is always fun, and you can use the Coast2Coaster map to help you work out where the rollercoaster creds* are. Or if you have been keeping up with the latest UK news, Icon at Blackpool and SW8 at Alton Towers will be opening next year, get those opening day trips booked in!

*If you do not understand the term ‘cred’, generally used to describe the number of rollercoasters you have ridden around the world. Some enthusiasts use this term whilst others don’t, it depends on your preference and whether you join in the ‘Coaster Count’. As an FYI, I do.

Visit a theme park abroad

If you really cannot stay at home any longer and need to visit a theme park RIGHT NOW, you can always travel over to Europe and visit some of the parks winter season. This can include, Phantasialand, Europa Park, Disneyland Paris, PortAventura, the list goes on. Not all rides and attractions will be open during the winter season, however if you do your research, you can get a nice little trip done between November and February.

There may be other things you can do to curb those closed season blues but of course, don’t get too crazy over ‘WHEN WILL THE THEME PARKS BE OPENING AGAIN!’ No one wants to be THAT person. *paces across the floor, waiting for the theme parks to open next year*

That’s all for now!


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