Pin Badges – Worth the hype?

img_0847.jpgNow I love being an avid collector of pin badges, however it would have been hard to miss the craziness that stemmed from the Alton Towers Fireworks pin badge fiasco and wondering whether pin badges are worth the hype? When something is limited edition, you can’t help but think you NEED to get the item ASAP before it sells out.

As proven with the Alton Towers Fireworks pin badge, hundreds of people queued up at Towers Trading during the Fireworks weekend to grab themselves a pin badge. It came as no surprise that since they were all sold out after about an hour of the park opening on the Saturday, there was a limit to ONE per person on the Sunday. Now my argument would be, why didn’t they produce enough to meet demand? Especially when their range of pin badges that they have sold during this season were a great hit with the geeks and guests alike. Maybe this is something they will consider next season with regards to merchandise.


My biggest gripe with regards to pin badges however is the wide range of eBay sellers, and in this instance, the ones selling the Fireworks pin badge for triple the amount they paid for them. I wasn’t fortunate enough to attend the Fireworks event at Alton Towers but these people are exploiting those who did not get the chance to obtain one or go along to the Fireworks weekend. Yes, I know they are a collectible and were sold on a first come first served basis but it defeats the point of actually making the pin badge a worthy investment.

I’m one of many who collects pin badges but why go to the whole extent of buying one for the sole purpose of exploiting fans by charging an extortionate amount for one pin badge? It is ridiculous in my opinion but obviously there is nothing that can be done to stop them. You could compare this to ticket touts who buy theatre or concert tickets and charge an extortionate rate for them.


I love collecting pin badges and have collected them from various parks around the world. Disney are known for their fab range of pin badges and their pin trading service with Cast Members. Yes, the quality of these pin badges are much better than the Merlin ones but I think the Merlin pin badges have really stepped up a notch this year and are very worthy as decent merchandise at the parks. It is not surprising that geeks are trying to collect them all. My poor bank account probably cried at the cost of all the pin badges I bought this year!

So, are pin badges worth the hype as a collector’s item? In my opinion they are worth the hype, even if it means having to wait in a ridiculous queue to obtain one. Obviously you are going to get the select few who will sell the pin badges for more than what they are worth. You’ll get that with any collector’s item but if you are lucky enough to obtain them, that’s all that matters. I find they are a valuable collectible, and with the quality of the pin badges at the Merlin parks being of better quality than in previous years, they are a worthy investment. However, it really spoils the fun when people purchase an item for the sheer purpose of selling it on. Why buy it in the first place if you aren’t collecting them?

What do you guys think, are pin badges worth the hype?

Did anyone manage to purchase one of the special event pin badges at the Merlin parks?

That’s all for now.


One thought on “Pin Badges – Worth the hype?

  1. Good article. Anything desired or collectable will have a resell value, economics and all that mean some will find there way on to selling sites. In terms of collectables I know a lot of people like them as validation of attending an event or location. Once you start you keep collecting. You seek them out in the venue shop. It becomes synonymous with attending. An up market pop badge if you wish! I think they are a good thing


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