Theme Park Bucket List

Disneyland Park California Castle

Everyone has a bucket list right? A list of theme parks or coasters that you really want to ride. I love checking out the latest news of new creds opening out around the world or parks that you really want to visit because they might have that ‘Number One’ coaster that everyone raves about. So I might have compiled a Theme Park wish list (includes coasters/rides too!) of what I would love to tick off over the next few years.

Visit all the Disney parks around the world

I know a few people have completed this, and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t jealous. I’ve only ticked off Paris and Florida so I would love to venture out to the Asian Disney Parks and tick off California. As someone who is a huge fan of Disney and love visiting the parks, this is a MUST for me to tick off. I feel it would be such a good achievement and I would be truly happy to also be that person to say, , ‘I’ve been to all the Disney parks’.

Ride ALL B&M’s in Europe

Now, I’m a big fan of B&M coasters so it seemed fitting to add this to my wishlist. This is an achieveable goal, and I’m pretty sure if memory serves me right, I’ve only got a handful to tick off before I have ridden them all. Yes, it may be for the bragging rights, same as the first pony above with the Disney parks, but sometimes you want to be able to say to your theme park geek friends ‘I’ve ridden all the B&M’s in Europe!’ Whether they care or think it’s a worthwhile goal, is up to them.

Visit an American park (that isn’t Florida)

I’ve only ever been to Florida and personally don’t class those parks as an ‘American’ park. I want to visit a proper American park such as Carowinds, Kings Island, Silver Dollar City etc. Plus there are a few coasters that I want to ride at these parks, you’ll see some of them on my rides wishlist below. It’s time to expand my visit to America with some of their theme parks, and not just visit Florida, even if I love going to Walt Disney World and Universal!

Get my cred count up to 500

When this post goes live, I am currently on 324. So that means I need to try and ride 176 different coasters until I reach the 500 mark. It is certainly doable if I get myself travelling to more new parks, and ticking off any +1’s on the way. There are still a few creds to be had around the UK that I need to ride which will certainly boost my count up – just need to find the time to do some travelling around the UK. I feel the 500 mark is a good goal for me to achieve, then it’ll be my aim to reach 1000!

Visit more Scream Parks around the UK

It is only been this year that I have truly been out to visit Scream Parks and this is definitely something I want to explore more of next year. Tulley’s was absolutely brilliant to visit and unfortunately, when I visited Xtreme Scream Park, it was really bad. I am determined to give it another go as the amount of people who have given it such great reviews, I really want to see what it is like on a good night! Plus there are other scream park events around the UK that I would like to visit, including The Howl and Burton Screamfest. Is it bad that I’m almost wanting October 2018 to be here right now?

My list above may not be massive but it is nice to have some goals as a theme park enthusiast. My wishlist isn’t just limited to theme parks though. There are some rides I would like to tick off my Wishlist too so I have created a separate list below:

Outlaw Run, Silver Dollar City
Fury 325, Carowinds
Banshee, Kings Island
Raptor, Gardaland
Colossos, Heide Park (Sadly, I don’t see this being achievable!)
Goliath, Walibi Holland
F.L.Y, Phantasialand
Icon, Blackpool Pleasure Beach
SW8, Alton Towers
OzIris, Parc Asterix
Top Thrill Dragster, Cedar Point
X2, Six Flags Magic Mountain
Tron, Shanghai Disneyland

This list goes on and on to be honest but this is a small selection of coasters I would like to tick off. Eventually I will get the chance to travel the world and ride these amazing coasters, all it needs is patience and a lot of saving money!

That’s all for now.


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