Let it Snow at Alton Towers

IMG_2194What can I say about this weekend just gone?

It certainly did not go to plan with the cold temperatures, wind and snow halting most of the park from opening. However, I can now say I have experience Alton Towers in a blizzard. Seriously, the most surreal feeling was looking at a new rollercoaster whilst the snow fell really hard and turning myself into a snowwoman.

Yes, it was a pain that I drove 3 hours or so with a glimmer of hope that the new ride, Wicker Man would be open but, in all honesty, I thought this weekend was just as fun as a standard weekend at Towers. The snow added to the atmosphere and I must give a shout out to the Entertainments team for doing a smashing job in the freezing cold conditions. Especially when one of the Beoman’s told us ‘The Wicker Man’ was ill in the snow!


The number of geeks who had travelled to the park alongside myself were all in high spirits and had some hope that maybe the zero temperature would rise enough for the coasters to open! I don’t know what it is that makes visiting a theme park more fun in adverse weather, maybe it is the fact that it is unpredictable but it’s about the dedication from enthusiasts who still visit despite knowing what the weather would hold for us.

With the park open from 10am to 3pm, the only rides available were CBeebies Land, Sharkbait Reef, Mutiny Bay (Heave Ho and Marauders Mayhem) and Hex. Of course, with Hex being open, at least we got to ride something at the weekend? Their hotels were fully open along with the water park in Splash Landings and Rollercoaster Restaurant. I have to say; Alton Towers did a smashing job despite the crazy weather on Saturday. Yes, most of the park was shut but honestly, they did what they could and I’m sure, if the temperature was a bit milder, Wicker Man would have opened!

It was nice to see a few familiar faces during the weekend, including Jordan (Cupcakes and Coasters), TTSP, TowersNerd, Theme Park Guide etc. I will be back in a few weeks’ time so I can ride Wicker Man – that theming structure looks incredible! To those heading this weekend for the ‘grand opening’, hope you all have a smashing time!

That’s all for now!


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