Keep this ‘Icon’-ic date in your diary!

ICON Dare to Ride

On this wonderfully hot day in the UK, Blackpool Pleasure Beach has announced their opening date for the new Mack Launch coaster, Icon. I’m very excited for this…


All the geeks are going to be flocking to Blackpool this year to ride it, and I will be one of those geeks. Sadly, I won’t be there on opening day but I will certainly be planning a trip to get myself on Icon, considering I went last year and had a good day out. And the only real construction back then was the footers and groundwork. Exciting much!

I have been watching the testing videos and construction of this ride, and I still can’t believe that a Mack Launch coaster is going to be here in the UK. If you haven’t seen my top 10, I do love Helix at Liseberg and must also make a special mention to Blue Fire at Europa Park – basically, I enjoy a good Mack Launch coaster!

Blackpool Pleasure Beach - ICON_for media

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And it would seem I am not the only one excited about Blackpool’s new addition. Speaking on the impending launch, Blackpool Pleasure Beach Managing Director Amanda Thompson OBE, said: “We’ve been overwhelmed with calls and e-mails from people all over the world wanting to know when ICON will open to the public.

“I’m so excited to be able to answer and confirm 25thMay! We can’t wait to invite those who dare to ride to Blackpool to experience this truly incredible ride.  ICON promises to set hearts racing.” 

I can’t wait Mandy! See you soon Blackpool.

ICON soars through the lift hill of the famous Big One rollercoaster

Who is heading off to Blackpool Pleasure Beach for the opening day? If not opening day, when are you planning to go? Let me know in the comments below.

That’s all for now!





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