Favourite Log Flumes

In light of Tiger Rock opening at Chessington a few weeks ago, I thought I’d write about my all-time favourite log flumes (that I have ridden so far). I am not as well travelled as other enthusiasts but I’m sure I’ve been on enough to make a small list of favourites, both current and past log flumes.

I don’t know what it is about log flumes, but they are so fun to ride and should be a staple at any theme park. The drama and anticipation of knowing who is going to get a ‘soaking’. Or the magic and beauty of theming to add to what could be considered a bland ride on its own. Everyone loves a good flume, young and old. So, let’s crack on with my favourites…



I get excited just talking about this ride, and those who have ridden it or visited Phantasialand in the last 4 years will know why. The area of Mexico is transformed into a colourful plaza, filled with the intoxicating theme of Chiapas created by the musical geniuses, IMAScore. I’m not going to lie, as I’m writing this, I’m listening to this soundtrack. I bloody love it! Anyway, back to the ride itself. In general terms, it’s a damn good log flume ride that can at times give you a bit of a soaking but in my opinion it’s worth it. The transitions in some parts of the ride are mental, that sideways turntable, how quick does it need to push you across? There’s the indoor section with the crazy but catchy Templo Di Fiesta theme. Oi Oi Oi Oi! It is visually stunning – like, so stunning you can’t stop staring at it. Especially on a hot Summers day when you are practically immersed into the land of Mexico. I could talk about this ride for ages! Go and ride it, now! And buy the soundtrack… you know you want to.



The one thing I love about Florida water rides is that because the climate is so hot and humid, you don’t care about getting a soaking. This ride does just that! To be honest, you don’t really need to understand the story line on the ride – well, at least that’s what I think. As you twist and turn throughout the long layout, both inside and outside with a few drops added in, it’s very much a case of when is the next soaking? I love this ride and will always be a firm favourite at Islands of Adventure.



My bae. My love. I still remember going on this ride when I first went to Florida in 2002 and I bloody loved it. The soundtrack ‘Zip – A – Dee – Doo – Dah’ is fun and cheerful, and a good sing-a-long for the whole family. I always love Disney animatronics, especially with the likes of Br’er Rabbit and his friends. Almost makes you wonder how much care and maintenance is required for a water ride mixed with the furry animatronics. This is why Disney is so visually stunning and their rides kept in tip top condition. This ride is similar in concept to Dudley Do Rights Ripsaw Falls, where the ride travels indoors and outdoors of the ride building. I love this idea of mixing both indoor and outdoor elements on a ride, giving riders a chance to not only be immersed in the experience, but at the same time, get the best of both worlds with the fresh air and sunshine (or rain, depending on the weather, especially in Florida!)



Oh, Tripsdrill. You are a one of a kind park. So much so that you have created a flume that is about the ‘Fountain of Youth’ and includes nudity. When I first went on this ride, I had an inkling that there was going to be some ‘boobs’ involved but I didn’t quite anticipate how many. Essentially, this flume is a journey to the fountain of youth, in a bathtub flume boat. Like with the rest of the park, it is a fun ride and something not to be missed whilst visiting the park. Plus, there is the added element of G’Sengte Sau twisting above as you travel around the ride, adding to the ride experience. I always praise parks that have rides interacting with each other.



My first ever memory of Loggers Leap is that first tunnel and drop. Going into the unknown and then before you know it, down the first drop that did get you quite significantly wet! Travel towards the edge of the park, and say hello to the ‘Canada Creek Railway’ as you pass by, then it is the big climb up towards the big second double drop. One thing I always find with these kind of drops is the airtime, I used to fly out of my seat if I didn’t hold on! RIP Loggers Leap. You were a good, fun ride at Thorpe.



This ride isn’t anything special in terms of layout in my eyes. Just your standard Arrow log flume ride that has some interaction with rides in the area including Lisebergbanan, and a large lift hill – you can wave at the Operators in their Op cabin on the hill! It’s the multi-drops at the very end of the ride that I remember so well and is why I enjoy this ride. If you have ever ridden this log flume at Liseberg, you will know and understand what I am talking about. The second to last drop has an extra mini drop. It’s so random and unique from your typical log flume drops, that why I love it! Plus, if you have a full boat, prepare for a soaking!



Of course, I must make a mention to the beautiful newly rethemed area of Chessington, Land of the Tiger and Tiger Rock. It is stunning! The interaction with the tiger enclosures is perfect for this ride. As you meander through the land, it is exactly how I want a log flume to be at a theme park. A good length log flume that interacts with a whole area of a park. The tunnel has special surprises in store for riders – Spirit of the Tiger awaits you and you can’t deny the Tiger head rockwork above the final drop is the icing on the cake to a beautiful ride and area. The ride itself, on its own, is basic with a small first drop into the tunnel and a large final drop but with the theming, it is a whole new experience. It’s fits in with the ride line-up for Chessington as a whole.



I almost forgot to add this one to my list! I only have vague memories of riding this log flume back in 2013 but with the ride being a simple layout with two drops and a themed station area, it’s worth mentioning how fun this ride is. Again, there is ride interaction with ‘Draak’, the Mack powered coaster, which is always a plus for me when it comes to log flumes. I love how simple the layout is and how the area being overgrown adds to the ride area – never really knowing what is around the next corner.



Ever seen a turntable on a lift hill? Nope, neither did I until I first visited Toverland in 2013. I love how for a very family friendly theme park, the queueline and exit area is pretty much right next to the trough. You could literally touch it! Then there’s the fact that the ride doesn’t have bends at the corners, once you climb up the second lift hill, there’s a second turntable that turns the boats to the outdoors drop. It’s a incredibly fun and cute flume ride for the park, with a both an indoor and outdoor section. Highly recommend if you are visiting Toverland.

Feel free to check out the POVs for each ride – of course, if you don’t want spoilers then avoid watching them!

What are your favourite log flumes?

Are there any I have missed out that is worth mentioning?

Leave a comment below!

That’s all for now!


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