Beat your boredom this UK Closed Season

If you are feeling the true closed season blues, and believe me I am certainly feeling it, now that the theme parks are shut for the winter, never fear as there are plenty of things you can do to keep yourself amused during this winter season.

Ever think, ‘What on earth are we going to do this weekend?’ and just feel lost because theme parks practically took up your entire schedule of the year each weekend. Well, there’s plenty of stuff to choose from to beat that boredom during Closed Season. Read on to find out more…


Mini Golf

This has now grown into a new little hobby for myself, to the point that I am always on the look out for new mini golf locations around the UK – and believe, there are some real impressive mini golf courses to attend to. This is the perfect chance to enjoy a couple of hours, being competitive with your friends or partners, and keep your weekends entertaining! Simply Google mini golf courses in the UK and you will be met with so many to choose from.


Zoos & Wildlife/Safari Parks

I understand that it is cold during the winter months so the likelihood of seeing some animals might not be too high. However, if you want a chance to get some exercise and take a nice stroll, Zoos are perfect! There are some truly gorgeous zoos in the UK such as Chester Zoo, ZSL Whipsnade Zoo, Marwell Zoo and so many more. If you like having a mini road trip, add on a Zoo if you are in the local area. Not only that, why not take a drive in a safari park – especially at this time of year where winter/christmas events are taking place, like Longleat’s Festival of Lights!


Country Parks

Note: Best to do these when the weather is dry and more so, when it’s sunny. Country parks are probably some of the most beautiful places I have been to and without needing to spend a penny, you can enjoy a beautiful autumnal/winter walk. Just take in the cold air, look at the surrounding trees/nature and just be at peace. Any photographers out there? Make sure you bring your cameras along as you can get some truly beautiful photos. It’s easy to forget some of the prettier settings here in the UK.



When the weather is raining and cold, there’s nothing better than popping off to the cinema to watch some of your favourite films – Disney films take priority for me! 😉 You can spend a good 2/3 hours in a warm cinema enjoying some of your favourite ‘Blockbuster’ films, eat a tonne of popcorn and wash it all down with a Slushie drink – or is that just me? And, if you are feeling up for it, why not take a solo trip to the cinema if you are bored? There’s just something so liberating about going to the cinema on your own.


Christmas Season at Theme Parks

Okay, I know you are all going to say that ‘some theme parks in the UK do open for the Winter Season’. Despite having a limited ride line-up, enjoying a Christmas/Winter event will give you that theme park fix! Why not head off to Chessington World of Adventures for their Winter’s Tail event (VAMPIRE IS OPEN, LEMME HEAR A HALLELUJAH!), enjoy a nice Santa Sleepover at Alton Towers or venture down to Paultons Park for their Christmas event. Whatever you choose, it’s always nice to enjoy a short but sweet theme park trip and you might even get some closed season sneak peeks! 😉


Winter Wonderland

If you have some spare cash and want a nice selection of rides and attractions, Winter Wonderland at Hyde Park is a must do! There’s plenty of funfair rides and coasters to choose from and you don’t need a wristband, just pick and choose your favourite rides and pay at the entrance to the ride. Not only that, there’s an ice rink, circus and Christmas market stalls so you don’t even need to bring your thrillseeker buddies along – it’s perfect for everyone!

If you have any other suggestions, feel free to write down a comment below as I’m sure there’s plenty of other things you can do this closed season.

That’s all for now!

Lottie xoxo

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