My top memories of Loggers Leap


On 20th February 2019, Thorpe Park officially announced the closure of Loggers Leap, after many years of speculation as to whether the ride would return to the park line-up. I feel quite sad about this as Loggers was a firm favourite of mine and I have many childhood memories riding this with family and friends alike. Is this really the end of log flumes in the UK as we know it?


I really hope that log flumes aren’t going to be a dying breed and that they will still pop up here and there, even if that means travelling to a theme park abroad to get my fix. Log flumes are fun and exciting, even if most thrillseekers may find them dull and not a fulfilling as a rollercoaster. Yeah, they might not be thrilling but they are one hell of fun and mixing up your day out! Loggers Leap was truly unique for me so I thought I’d compile my top 5 memories of the ride. RIP Loggers Leap, you were awesome!


Anyone else just love a quiz as part of ride queueline? The one thing I did like about this was the way it was related to the theming of the area, Canada Creek. Plus the questions were also about the ride itself too, a great chance to test your knowledge. I loved the way it would provide you with a question and then you had to wait till you got the next point to find out the answer and next question. Certainly a good way to pass the time in that conga line cattlepen queue. The music was pretty catchy too.



How many bears can you spot? I remember there were some bears dotted about around the woodland to coincide with the Canada Creek Railway which always added a fun element to the ride, especially for the kids. The ride didn’t need much theming in the area as the landscape did most of the work. Travelling through the hills, into the woodland and across the lake all added to the ride experience. Natural theming helped to make Loggers what it was, a fun log flume. And sometimes it was fun seeing the rest of the park peek through the woodland trees.



I always loved it when getting on the ride and seeing the Canada Creek train go past whilst you were preparing yourself to go up the final drop. Obviously, if you managed to time it right as there many times no train was going past, or you would just miss it! I am a real sucker for ride interactions, even if it something as simple as a railway train going past a log flume – always used to be something I would intentionally build when playing Rollercoaster Tycoon. Anyone else like me who used to wave at people whilst on Loggers and everyone on the train staring at you blankly? You wouldn’t get that at Disney!! 😉


I guess the main highlight of Loggers Leap was the first drop tunnel section – and I mean before they removed this due to health and safety. There was something quite sinister about the tunnel, never really knowing what lies ahead – especially if you were a newbie to the ride. I remember as a kid, I thought this tunnel section was going to be a straight tunnel into darkness and then somewhere you would come out to the final lift hill and drop. Many times, I would check over the queue line fence to see where you would come out and never really 100% knowing – especially as the tunnel was cleverly built into the ground. It’s only when you enter that you truly understand your fate, taken slowly up a small lift hill, hearing the anti-rollbacks as you descend before quickly falling back down the first drop that sometimes got you pretty wet!



I remember as a kid walking up to the Canada Creek area and looking at that final drop – it was extremely intimidating. This only fuelled the anticipation that you could see a small section of the ride from the final drop, not knowing what is going to happen until you get there. I also found that whilst you watched people come down the drop, you could never really determine how wet you were going to get. Sometimes Loggers Leap had surprises and you’d get off soaking wet – not quite Tidal Wave wet but still reasonably damp. The little bunny hop in the middle of the drop always gave me a bit of airtime if I wasn’t holding on to the bar in the boat – hands up all the way!

I want to say that I am looking forward to seeing what Thorpe have in store for this area – as much as it pains me to see a loved ride go, sometimes you need to let go of things in order to move forward. Thanks for all the good times Loggers, it’s been a blast!

That’s all for now!

Lottie xoxo

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