What I Love About Theme Parks

1102487_10151796228949800_1475324573_oYou know when some people still don’t understand your hobby with theme parks? Yeah, that’s me. I don’t really need to justify why I love theme parks so much but maybe you want to find out why I love them so much – to be honest, 90% of my blog is about theme parks so that’s a hint… No one will be able to separate me from my love of theme parks – it’s a part of my life and it’s going to stay that way! *wink*

#1           Something to do at the weekends

One of the best things about visiting theme parks is the fact you’ll never be bored – unless you visit the park every single day then you may get bored. You can just spend the day riding as many rides as you want and having a fun day out. As a geek, you can spend your time talking about rollercoaster engineering, throughputs, park operations, anything. I always find time flies by when I spend a day at Thorpe Park or Alton Towers!

#2           The adrenaline rush

This one explains itself to be honest. That adrenaline rush is what gets me buzzing – the anticipation as you climb up that lift hill and then gravity takes hold as you wind your way through the coaster track. Near misses add to the ride experience – that small fear of having your hands in the air and then you pull them down to avoid that near miss! In many ways it’s like a euphoric feeling of survival – although for me, I’m never that scared.


As a theme park geek, I get so excited when a new rollercoaster hits my favourite park – Icon and Wicker Man for this year in the UK! This increases my excitement for visiting the park and gets the adrenaline rushing through my body. The anticipation as you are waiting in the queue, watching the ride travel around the track (unless it’s indoors in which case the suspense is almost electrifying as you don’t know what to expect.)

#4           Escaping reality

I love taking a break from reality – who doesn’t? I want to be able to enter a theme park on a weekend and forget about that long work list that will be waiting for me on Monday. All I want to do is work out what my next ride is going to be and enjoy the present moment. There’s nothing better than just letting those little annoyances go and just enjoying life for a bit. Be a big kid as it were – especially when it comes to visiting a Disney park for me!

#5           Creating memories

This is a BIG point. You cannot beat making memories whilst at a theme park, from that first experience on a ride to taking photos with characters (if applicable). You cannot deny that it is one of the best ways to enjoy life and have fun. If you are a family, it’s the perfect way to see how much fun your children are having and taking lots of pictures to keep those memories forever. (Excuse the soppiness!)

#6           It counts as exercise

This one is very much for those of us who have an office job, so exercising can be a trial to fit in to our busy lives. Just simply walking around a theme park is great exercise for your body – I always feel good about myself. Yes, I know that when I do my first theme park trip of the year, I can be gasping for breath but as I get myself back into the swing of open season, I can get myself back into it. Alton Towers is the perfect place for a good workout ha!

That’s all for now!



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