5 Self-Care Tips | Theme Park Edition

I’m going to start by being honest with you all, I’ve been struggling with my mental health recently. My self-confidence has been knocked and I feel like I’ve hit a brick wall. Picking myself back up has been a challenge. Even when I’m doing my self-care routine. My mind ends up telling me I don’t deserve it. The closed season is probably taking its toll on me since I don’t have many opportunities to visit theme parks on the weekends. So I thought to myself, why not write down a list of 5 self-care tips that us theme park enthusiasts can do to help pick ourselves up when life gets us down.

Now, this isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ list. Everyone has their way of channelling their emotions and that’s okay. This is what I do when life wants to throw curveballs at me. Sometimes they work a treat and I feel better instantly. Other times, it takes more time for me to heal my mind. Sometimes the best thing is to do it at a pace that suits you. Since the development of the #BeKind movement after the tragic passing of Caroline Flack last weekend, RIP, we need to think before we speak. We don’t know what is going inside the head of everyone around us. So let’s start being mindful of this, alright? Anyway, here’s my 5 self-care tips theme park edition.

5 self-care tips watch theme park vlogs

Self-care tip #1: Watch theme park vlogs

Theme park vlogs are a good way to take yourself away from reality. I like to dedicate at least an hour of my day to chill out and look after myself. So when it comes to theme park vlogs, I’ll choose to watch either Theme Park Worldwide or Charlotte Ruff‘s Disney Park vlogs. Not only do I find them fun to watch but they inspire me to think about booking my next trip abroad. I have major wanderlust so I’m always dreaming about my next road trip.

5 self-care tips theme park cds

Self-care tip #2: Listen to your favourite theme park soundtrack

There’s one theme park soundtrack that picks my mood up instantly. The Chiapas soundtrack by IMAscore leaves me feeling giddy and reminds me of all the good times I have had at Phantasialand. No, I’m not biased since Phantasialand is my number one theme park! Whatever soundtrack you love to listen to, whether it is from a Disney park or your local park, give yourself a little break and plug in your headphones. It’s the perfect way to give you a little boost when things get a bit rough.

5 self-care tips read theme park books

Self-care tip #3: Read your favourite theme park book or blogs

I have a handful of books surrounding the theme park industry. Whether it’s reading about Walt Disney or diving into the review of a theme park online, it’s nice to take your mind away from the negative headspace. There are lots of talented bloggers in the theme park community, so there’s plenty of blog posts to get stuck into. However, if I need a break from my Macbook or phone, the joys of an 8-hour office job sat at a computer all day, I like to get stuck into a book. If you have any recommendations for theme park books I should read, leave them in the comment below.

5 self-care tips visit theme parks

Self-care tip #4: Take a trip to your local theme park

Okay, when it is the closed season, this can be more of a challenge. However, you could visit your local funfair or park to take your mind off things. I live near Portsmouth so I am lucky to have the seaside a good 10/15 mins away from me. A walk along the beach can help me to think clearly about things and enjoy my own space. Plus, exercise is a good way to boost your mood. But during the open season, a trip to my local theme park gives me the adrenaline rush I need to forget my worries. Plus, a day trip with your friends is the perfect pick-me-up in my opinion.

5 self-care tips be artistic

Self-Care Tip #5: Be artistic

I have left this last self-care tip very open because everyone is artistic in their own way. For me, this could be writing blog posts or compiling an Instagram post. For other people, this could be making theme park artwork, scrapbooking, taking photos, coding a website, dancing etc. The list is endless. What I am trying to get at is: take the time to look after yourself in an artistic way. There are so many talented people in the theme park community. Use your talents to give you the mental boost you need. Sometimes we are our own worst critic but that shouldn’t stop us from enjoying the things we enjoy.

These are my 5 self-care tips which follow the theme park theme. Whatever happens on those bad days, just remember that it isn’t a bad life. Hard to believe when you feel helpless but know you’re not alone. Even when your brain gets into that negative headspace, there are simple ways to get you back into a better headspace.

What do you do for your own self-care routine?

Who’s ready for the theme park open season?

That’s all for now!


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