Life in Lockdown: 25th April 2020

animal crossing new horizons nintendo switch lite

Howdy! So it’s been 25 days since I last wrote a blog post… Honestly, I’ve lost all my passion for writing on here at the moment. Granted a huge influence on that is having no freedom to travel anywhere, therefore the main essence of my blog is on hold whilst we all tackle the COVID-19 situation. My creative spark has disappeared slightly so I’ve been putting all my energy into other things. So what’s happened since my last Life in Lockdown blog post?

Not a lot has changed in all fairness.

The UK lockdown was extended for a further three weeks, meaning it is currently set to end on 7th May 2020. Not gonna lie, this extension so far has been more a struggle for my own mental health. I’m missing having the freedom to go out and see my friends when I want. I’m missing my boyfriend. I’m missing theme parks. I’m missing the office environment – I don’t think I could work from home 24/7!

So I guess the big question is…

How have I been keeping busy?

life in lockdown dumbbells


5 days after my previous blog post, I ended up ‘overtraining’ myself with my workouts and exercise. For someone who is still very much a beginner in exercising, it’s easy to fall into the trap of overdoing the workouts. Exercising for me has been a great escape from the reality of what’s happening. In a way, I may have replaced my love for theme parks with exercise for the time being in order to keep me feeling sane during these troubling times.

This week, as I write this on 24th April, I’ve started running. And no, it’s not the Couch to 5K kind. Whilst this is a great way for people to get into running, I’d rather build myself up in smaller sections. Starting with a 1k run on Monday and just slowly progress every other day. This can be increasing the distance slowly by 0.5km or trying to run for longer intervals. At the moment, I can run for 1 minute comfortably but making sure my walking interval at least 1 minute or more. Gotta take it slowly obviously!

Having started this, I’ve learnt to love the sport. Okay, I work for a multi-sport retailer so everyday I am surrounded by exercise enthusiasts. Honestly, you can enjoy exercise if you find the right one for you. Exercise releases endorphins so it’s perfect for calming down those overthinking thoughts running through your head. Running can now be added to my list alongside resistance training. I may be losing my excess body fat slowly but it’s more sustainable in the long term. Plus, it’s great for boosting my fitness for when theme parks can open again.

animal crossing new horizons nintendo switch lite


I was going to write a paragraph about gaming however there’s only one game taking my attention at the moment. Animal Crossing: New Horizons has been a great way to keep me busy during those dull periods when I’m not working or doing my exercise. I’m not an OG player but when I heard about the hype of this game from people on Twitter, I had to discover what all the fuss was about.

I’m a little bit obsessed. Whether it’s catching the various bugs, fishing the finest fish or constructing lots of exciting DIY furniture to place around my island, it’s highly addictive. Plus, you know you’re sitting on a goldmine when Turnip prices are at a really good selling rate! Here’s to many more weeks of me playing this.


Of course, a good staple to my daily life is keeping up with the latest YouTubers I’ve subscribed to and watching the latest series & new releases on Disney+ and Netflix. Key YouTubers that I’ve been loving at the moment include: Natacha Oceane, Emma’s Rectangle, James Turner, Plumbella to name a few.

Recently I binge-watched the new Netflix Original series, Spinning Out, a drama based around professional competing ice skaters and the turmoil of drug use. It was very well done and some gripping moments throughout the series. I love Netflix Original series as these provide great binge-worthy shows to watch. Other particular favourites of mine include After Life, Orange is the New Black, Tiger King, Cheer and so much more.

2020 is certainly turning into a funny old year. Even though we can’t change the situation we are in, we can certainly find ways to keep ourselves busy. Who knows what will happen in the next few weeks to come. Hope anybody reading this is staying safe & well during these troubling times. Sending my love to you all.

What are you doing to keep yourself busy during this situation?

Who else is loving Animal Crossing?

Any tips or ideas on what else we can do to keep ourselves busy?


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