Life in Lockdown: My Favourite Workout Moves

Disclaimer: Please note that this is meant to be a lighthearted blog post. If exercise/fitness is a triggering subject for you, please do not continue to read my post below.

2020 has turned into the year of finding my love for exercise. In particular, it’s been a time to discover my favourite workout moves. I’ve been victim to fad diets and cutting back my daily calories without exercising at all. It wasn’t sustainable so there’s no surprise my weight crept back on.

This year I’ve made it my mission to start being proactive with exercise. I’ve increased my exercise regime and started eating a varied healthy diet. I started all this back in March and I’ve discovered exercise is enjoyable. All whilst staying away from the temptation of fast food & snacks. Maybe lockdown has had some perks, right?

My current workout stands as 3 days of cardio (mix of running & walking) & 3 days of resistance workouts. I like to focus on specific areas of the body including arms, legs & core. I’ll admit that working from home has given me the chance to add in more exercises. But this is still sustainable even when I get myself back to the office. So let’s crack on with my favourite workout moves.

Which are my favourites?

Russian Twists

These are a killer, not gonna lie. However, they are good at helping me to strengthen my whole core. The first time I did this move, it hurt like hell and I honestly wanted to give up with core workouts. Perseverance has shown me that it does get easier as long as you try to work through the burn. Now I’m loving this move and hopefully, I will start to see some results around my waistline over the next few months!

Mountain Climbers

There’s nothing better than getting your heart rate up with the Mountain Climber move. For me, it not only helps to build up my core strength but it also gives me a guide on how strong my arms are. It’s taken 2 months but I can comfortably do this for 30 secs for at least 3 sets, give or take.


Forward lunges, I love. Reverse lunges, I loathe. So why have I collated the two? Simply because lunges are a great way to keep the legs toned and strengthened. Even though using my bodyweight seems easy peasy. Add a dumbbell and you’ve got more resistance to work with. Challenging but effective. Plus it’s been a real help for getting my legs into shape for my runs.


You see it everywhere. If you want to grow your booty, pack those squats in. Whilst I agree squats are good for helping the glutes, it’s also about strengthening your lower body. Compound moves such as lunges are perfect for toning and building muscle across multiple muscle groups. Again, I always add a dumbbell to the mix to make it more challenging & add more resistance to the move. I will be looking at using my new resistance bands to see how well I can work my glutes & quads too.

Shoulder Press

A killer move where I feel the burn every time. I like to start my arm workouts with this move as it gives my muscles a chance to get into the swing of things. Yes, my arms do start to feel like jelly but I’m always determined to finish the workout regardless. Building my arm strength will certainly help me when embarking on those Go Ape courses – last time I went an instructor had to help me up on the Tarzan Swing because my arms wouldn’t move lol. Embarrassing but bloody hilarious.

Tricep Extension

A simple move that can help to lose a bit of arm fat, or the ‘bingo wings’. Whilst this move may look easy to achieve, I try to add a heavier dumbbell to feel the effects on my tricep. I’ve always looked at my upper arms and think they could be more toned. This move helps me to target the triceps in the right way.

How have you been exercising during the lockdown?

What are your go-to workouts?


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