Surviving School Trip Season

Surviving School Trip Season

It is pretty much upon us. That dreaded time of the year where ‘off peak’ weekdays for a couple of months no longer exists. Welcome to ‘School Trip Season’.

If possible, I try to avoid School Trip Season where I can because, in all honesty, it is hell. For a 20-something like myself, I relish in the opportunity to visit a theme park in the quieter season when I can. I don’t want the massive queues – who even does? – and I don’t want a bunch of screaming excitable kids around me. Of course, sometimes this cannot be avoided so I have written a small list of tips and tricks to help you survive the school trips on your visit.

Alarm Clock Cup of Tea

Get to the park for opening

If you are keen to get on the big rides for the day, I would advise getting to the park for opening and planning which rides you really want to get done. From experience, only a handful of school trips arrive for opening as the majority tend to arrive after 10.30am. You will likely achieve at least 1 hour of short queues before the school kids roam free. I am no psychic therefore cannot predict how busy the days will turn out and how many rides you can achieve. School trip season is unpredictable even at the best of times.

Writing a plan on a notepad

Plan which rides are a must

There’s nothing worse than being disappointed that you didn’t get on a certain ride or attraction because you didn’t plan the day well! The key to a successful theme park trip is planning. Unless you enjoy doing things on a whim or being spontaneous, you do you guys! But I find having a little plan will help you massively when it comes to visiting the parks during ‘School Trip Season’. Even if it is a case of picking a handful of rides you really want to ride that day will help you to work out which rides to go for first and which ones to save for later in the day or during the lunchtime period – which takes me to my next tip.

lunch time lattice fries soup burger ketchup

Plan your lunchtime meal before 12pm or after 2pm

Most school trips will have a schedule. As we all know, the teachers will do a head count at different times of the day including before heading into the park, lunchtime and before they head off back home. Always aim to plan your lunch time meal before 12pm or after 2pm – if you are feeling peckish, pick up a snack from the shops like a chocolate bar or crisps. Or if you have forward planning, bring some snacks with you! The food outlets will be exceptionally busy during this period with school groups finding lunch spots for their packed lunches.

lego men women crowd

Walk in the opposite direction to the crowd of kids

If you end up arriving at a theme park and you can see a large group of schoolkids heading towards a certain ride/attraction, always go in the opposite – even if you really want to head to the same ride. Chances are it will become busy in a flash once the school kids head there. Besides, who wants to spend their time queuing with a bunch of school kids? This gives you a chance to explore a part of the park that is largely quieter and will be more enjoyable for yourself.

the swarm Thorpe park hot weather

Save the big coasters/rides till after 3pm

Like with any school trip, all good things must come to an end. For us thrillseekers, this means that towards the latter part of the day – normally from 3pm onwards, the theme park becomes marginally quieter. This makes it perfect for getting those popular rides and attractions done in the last part of the day without the horrendous 2 hour + queues – this might be a slight exaggeration but there will be days that this queue time becomes the norm during School Trip season. Make the most of this time of day before the park closes.

girl riding carousel attraction theme park

Embrace the smaller, quieter attractions

So you’ve arrived at the park and done some of the ‘big kid’ rides before the queue times really increase. Now, you might be thinking, what do I do? School Trip season gives you the opportunity to explore those smaller, lesser known attractions that might not be high on your to-do list. Any ride or attraction with a 5 minute queue, do it. Not only does it add to your ride count for the day but it also keep yourself busy. No one wants to wander around the park aimlessly, wandering what to do with themselves. Sometimes, you might find an absolute gem of a ride – yes, I’m talking about those young kiddie style rides/attractions – and have some real fun on them.

gruffly groove show at chessington

Watch the shows!

If you are at a theme park and shows are available throughout the day, why not take a moment to enjoy these? Half the time, most of the kids will want to be riding the rides, not wasting time watching the shows. Chessington World of Adventures has some wonderful animal shows and talks on during the day plus there is also the ‘Gruffalo Groove’ show down in the Africa area. Avoid the queues and take some downtime to sit-down, build up your energy and watch a fun performance. If only the UK parks had shows similar to Phantasialand or Europa Park…

water bottle pouring into cup

Keep refreshed, even on a hot day!

This is important despite the weather. Obviously, School Trip season is during the Summer months (June/July time) so the weather can be warm or sometimes hot and humid – especially with the way May has greeted us with the weather here in the UK – although no idea where the sunny, hot weather has gone now. It is important to keep hydrated. You’re doing a lot of exercise and will become very tired and achy if you don’t keep yourself refreshed. Buy yourself a bottle of water or why not ask for a cup of tap water for free at any food outlet? If you’re an adult however, maybe your style of refreshing beverage is an alcoholic one… can’t say no to a nice Cider or Beer in the sun ey?

girl photographer

Use the opportunity to take photos during the day

This tip is for anybody, but I know a lot of geeks/enthusiasts will use this as an ideal opportunity. When the massive queues during School Trip season aren’t worth the wait, why not spend time walking around the parks and taking photos? I do personally enjoy visiting a theme park just for taking photos. You can be creative with a camera, finding different angles and taking the perfect shot. I love exploring different areas and finding unique shots via my phone. Plus, as a blogger, need to be updating my Instagram – follow me at @inspiredthrillseeker – #shamelessplug.

Did I really just use a hashtag in my blog post? Damn right I did!

I hope these tips will allow you to enjoy your day without the need to stress or worry about the long queues and school kids running around! You can still have a great day, just don’t expect to have a large ride count – even us geeks know on an extremely busy day, this never happens.

That’s all for now!


Potential trip plans for 2018

Potential trip plans for 2018


I don’t know about you but I can’t wait for the theme park season to begin. It is even more exciting that in the UK, we have some new coasters coming our way too! In the meantime, I can start working on trip planning. Figuring out where I want to go, within reason of course.

It’s a bit crazy that 2018 is now here. Every year, it always flies by. Blink, and the year will be gone like that. So I am definitely looking forward to see where this year takes me. I would love to have the opportunity to travel abroad again, especially knowing that there are some new coasters opening this year.

So, let’s crack on with my potential trip plans for this year!



WOOD. We wanted some wood at a UK park… and we are damn well getting it. If you haven’t been keeping up with the latest news, sort it out guys! Watching this ride be constructed over the last few months, and probably spent a good hour on my trip in June last year watching the construction guys do the groundworks. The life of a theme park geek ey! SW8 – still not had official confirmation of the official name of the ride, even if there are major rumours of ‘The Wickerman’. Alton Towers, fancy announcing a name soon? Ta muchly.



MACK. Yes guys, a Mack Launch coaster is coming to the UK, to Blackpool. EXCITED MUCH. I will be interested to find out how much gate figures will increase when this coaster officially opens. Knowing there are going be some great near misses, I feel this is going to be a great addition to the park and I can’t wait to ride it. I’m also looking forward to taking lots of photos of this magnificent beast (or will it be a beast?) We shall see.



I’m a Merlin Annual Passholder so it would be rude of me not to visit their attractions. London Midway, Chessington, Thorpe Park, my annual trip to Legoland (yes, I visit every year but ONCE only!) Nothing else to really add aside from intrigued to see what Thorpe’s new The Walking Dead is going to be like. As much as I’m going to miss X, sometimes change is needed.



As a B&M fangirl, it is a major goal of mine to tick off all B&M’s around the world (starting with Europe). Hearing that Liseberg were building a Dive Machine, I knew I wanted to return to the park. I would have returned regardless cause Helix is there. Like, do I need any other reason? This new addition is just a bonus, especially now Kanonen has gone from the park, yes! I had such a nice weekend break back in 2016, would love to do another weekend trip there this year.



This has to be on my list cause it has to. I haven’t visited the park since 2016 so I am in need of my Phantasialand fix. I mean, Chiapas, Taron, Black Mamba, Winja’s. What more could you want from a park? Plus, I would love to have a gander at the area for F.L.Y (if you can see what progress they have made…) I always have such a fab time in this park. It makes me so happy, plus with the IMAScore music as well. Get me back here!



Okay… there is only one major thing making me want to visit. Actually there’s two coasters here that are making me want to visit. Van Helsing’s Factory and Star Trek: Operation Enterprise. Everyone raves about Van Helsing’s Factory so I feel like I am missing out on something good. Plus, the new Star Trek Mack coaster is just another reason to visit the park. I need to tick this off my list plus when there are new creds to be had, I’m there! It would be perfect for adding on to a trip to Phantasialand, since both parks are relatively near each other travel wise. So, here’s hoping I can tick off some new creds this year.



I’m a massive Disney fan and I really want to visit the park whilst the 25th anniversary decor is around the park (this is probably not going to happen due to money constraints, but a girl can dream right?) I love visiting Disney, similar to Phantasialand, it is such a happy place to visit. I would love to try and do more character meets – it’s just those queues, super long and I have no patience!



This is more of a bucket list item but I wanted to add it in since it was sort of discussed with my boyfriend on New Years Eve. I have always wanted to go abroad during New Years but it’s always been tricky getting time off work and money constraints. Who knows what is going to happen this year life wise so potentially I might be in another country visiting a theme park on New Years. I would love to visit theme parks during the winter season, especially Phantasialand and Europa Park.

I don’t think I will be doing all of these fab trips but just a few ideas. What have you guys got planned for 2018? Any exciting theme park trips or holidays?

That’s all for now.