Not Dogs at Chessington | Review

Not Dogs at Chessington | Review


Recently opened at Chessington World of Adventures is their brand new food outlet, Not Dogs, formerly Mexican Cantina in Mexicana. I went to visit Chessington on Saturday to try out this new outlet and I have to say, I was very impressed with the food!

‘Not Dogs was created by Katie and Jane; one meat-reducer and one vegetarian, both with a love of quick, very tasty & exciting food. Together they struggled to find mouth-watering veggie food and trustworthy meaty meals that satisfied that ‘fast food’ fix. The aim of Not Dogs is to provide food lovers with a delicious, fun, quality menu to excite and amaze.’

‘Veggies, vegans and meat-eaters cannot resist the unique menu of Not Dogs, burgers, breakfasts, sides and fries.’ – I can certainly agree with this statement as a meat-eater!


First impressions of the whole outlet, it looks simple and refreshing. I don’t have many memories of Mexican Cantina but I’m pretty sure it is the same layout as before. There are plenty of tables and chairs for guests to sit down and enjoy their meal. Once you have placed your order, simply find a table and wait for your meal to be delivered to you – half fast food/half sit down restaurant.

As someone who works in Marketing, the whole branding is brilliant. It’s quirky and fun plus the colour scheme is fab – Orange and Purple. Almost similar to the ‘Tiger’ colour scheme that is around this year at the park. Go and check out Land of the Tigers AFTER making a visit to Not Dogs! 😉 Plus there was super cute bunting all over the ceiling – LOVE IT!


So, let’s get on with the Not Dog food menu including prices! Worth noting that Annual Pass discount does not apply here. 

View the full Menu.


Meal Deal: Not Dog, Side, Drink – £9.50

Individual: Not Dog – £5.75

SIDES: Not Dog Nuggets / Waffle Fries – £2.75

EXTRAS: Load Them Up Fillings – Extra 50p


Meal Deal: Puppy Dog, Sides, Drink – £7.50

Individual: Puppy Dog – £5.00


Meal Deal: Burger, Side, Drink – COMING SOON

Individual: Burger – COMING SOON


Nice Shakes – £3.75 / With the Meal Deal  – £2.00

Soft Drinks (Diet Coke, Fanta Zero, Sprite Zero) – From £2.50

It is also worth noting that Not Dogs can cater for those looking for Gluten-Free options as well as for Vegans – just ask the server as you place your order. At the time of visiting, Burgers were unavailable however they were advertised as ‘COMING SOON’ so I definitely have an incentive to go back and try out the ‘Chris-P Chicken Burger’.


What can I say about the food? It was bloody delicious and the Nice Shake was on another level. As someone who tries to avoid dairy products, having a shake made with Rice milk was very welcome! All ‘meat’ products are from Quorn, if you have ever tried Quorn products, you are going to love this! You wouldn’t know the difference in taste at all – it is just as tasty as a Hot Dog.

One thing I did notice is the prices are not clearly visible for guests, they are not included on the small menus located at the entrance of the outlet – this can be confusing for guests! You’ll need to walk in and view the price board behind the counter where you can view prices including the meal deal and individual options. As above, it can be pretty pricey for your average food outlet at a theme park, but the quality of the food is worth it in my opinion. Don’t knock it before you try it!

You have the choice of a meal deal where you can choose a Not Dog or Burger, Side and Drink or you can have an individual Not Dog or Burger. There is also the option to have the ‘Bit on the Side’ as an individual meal too – perfect for a quick snack on the go! I would personally choose a meal deal option as value for money – for what is included in the meal deal, it is worth it. A main, side and soft drink – what more could you need to fulfil those hunger pangs. However, if you need to tuck into a snack ‘on the go’, Not Dogs also has you covered.

Annual Passholders, be aware that Not Dogs do not offer refills on the Quenchers.


Overall, I couldn’t fault the service I received at Not Dogs. The staff were very friendly and helpful to answer any questions you may have. Yes, with a new food outlet, it can be tricky to work out what to do or what is on offer on the menu, but I felt confident I could ask the staff for the help if needed. Seriously, give it a go next time you are visiting Chessington. You won’t regret it, plus you don’t have to be a vegetarian to enjoy the food here. Fab job, Not Dogs!

A little more info about Not Dogs:

‘The aim of Not Dogs is to provide food lovers with a delicious, fun, quality menu to excite and amaze. Not Dogs is an all-veggie company and taste and satisfaction is of upmost importance. Veggies, vegans and meat-eaters cannot resist the unique menu of Not Dogs, burgers, breakfasts, sides and fries.

It’s simple, we love animals, the environment and you! Not Dogs was created to offer a better fast-food menu for all three, happy animals, happy health and happy planet.’

That’s all for now.


Feed the Flames at Alton Towers

Feed the Flames at Alton Towers

IMG_2315Guys, I did it!

I went on the Wicker Man, after admiring the ride in a blizzard two weekends ago. And boy, I am impressed.

Alton Towers have done themselves proud to make this ride a great addition to the line-up. I would even put it up there with Nemesis, and that is saying something! It’s definitely been a long time coming since we got a woodie in this country. GCI (Great Coasters International) do make some impressive wooden coasters: Troy and Wodan, I am looking at you. I was very much looking forward to experiencing this for the first time.



Obviously, I have already admired the coaster in it’s ‘glory’ whilst the snow fell very hard during ‘opening’ weekend. But when you have the audio in the area as well as the effects of the theming element, you start to feel immersed in the experience. The theming of the fences in the area and the Wicker Man entrance sign – LOVE IT! Also worth noting that the area does get very smokey.

The theming details inside the building was fantastic, the walls are made of actual wicker! It is just like being transported into another realm – and as a theme park enthusiast, we like this sort of immersion and detail. The flame effects of the fire torches are a nice touch too. Once you get into the pre-show area, I enjoyed it. I’m not going to post any spoilers but seeing the reactions from the General Public, it really adds to the anticipation and enjoyment of the experience.

Now don’t get my started on THAT station. In a good way I might add! Honestly, it was on par with some European parks in my opinion. Seriously, Merlin has done a great job with this ride and really making it as detailed as possible. The lighting within the station, I do like me some good lighting at a theme park.



One thing I did notice that affected throughputs is the number of guests that are perhaps a little ‘large’ for the ride. Not too sure why this is a significant problem – certainly didn’t see this as a problem at European parks with the likes of Troy at Toverland and Wodan at Europa Park. Unless I am very much mistaken, please do correct me if I am wrong.

Hopefully with the addition of the test seat, this may help to avoid this issue becoming a significant. I must praise the ride team for doing their utmost best to get every guest on the ride but sometimes, safety does come first. Fab job guys, despite the breakdowns that the ride experienced during the course of the weekend, you were amazing!

In total I managed to get 7 rides on Wicker Man across Saturday and Easter Sunday, that just shows you how much I enjoyed it. I managed to get myself as close to the back as I could and front row – I think riding towards the back gives you the best chance of airtime however I did enjoy riding front row, just to experience all the elements coming right at you.


Just one more thing, that downwards S-bend after the second airtime hill… FAVOURITE ELEMENT OF THE WHOLE RIDE. 

I didn’t get a chance to go in the main queue line, and I know there are some good theming elements and photo opportunities of the ride but I hope to go through it at some point when I make a return trip. Yep, Alton Towers has given me more reason to make a return visit before Scarefest! I actually cannot wait to ride this in the dark – yes, I have seen some spoilers of the lighting within the area and WOW, October can’t come around soon enough.

That’s all for now!




Center Parcs Woburn Forest | A weekend in the forest

Center Parcs Woburn Forest | A weekend in the forest

CenterParcsTitleIt has become a tradition with my family to make a regular holiday to Center Parcs. I have grown up with the place, remembering one of my first visits to Longleat Forest when I was a youngster – I’m pretty sure I’ve been to Elveden Forest when I was a baby, but I can hardly remember that! It is one of my favourite places to visit and honestly, I will be taking this tradition with me (yes, I have converted my boyfriend into enjoying Center Parcs too!)

In 2014, Center Parcs expanded their ‘portfolio’ of holiday villages by building a new one in the heart of Bedfordshire, now known as Woburn Forest. I was lucky enough to visit in it’s opening year (twice, I might add!) and to see how well it has expanded and grown is amazing. Despite the expensive nature of Center Parcs, you can’t deny that you get quality.

I was incredibly excited when my parents told me we were going for a weekend break for my brother’s 30th. I can only hope my 30th ends up being just as awesome! I get those excitement butterflies in the stomach once I see the signs for Center Parcs, like with any holiday destination I travel to.

I chose the location of our lodge – yep, I’m the girl that plans where we stay – and it was absolutely ideal! It was the perfect distance from The Plaza and Village Square. Plus having a lodge on the edge of a row was also ideal as you have the privacy away from having neighbours either side of you. Perfect for my family! We stayed in a three bedroom Executive lodge. There is a range of lodges to choose from including Woodland Lodges to Exclusive Lodges. You can enter your lodge at any time from 3pm, and you do have the option to enter your lodge early by adding it to your booking.

Honestly, the best thing about Center Parcs is the freedom you have to do what you want, when you want. You can choose the activities you want to do, there is no time limit on when you need to book (ideally, book as early as you can as many activities get booked up quickly!) We ended up playing Table Tennis & Bowling on the Saturday and Badminton on the Sunday.

The weather was a real mixture, WE HAD SNOW! Seriously, me and my family have always wanted to visit Center Parcs when it snows, and the weather didn’t disappoint. Of course, with it being January, rain was also on the cards too – which meant every Indoor activity including the Subtropical Swimming Paradise was very busy! Sadly, we did not get a chance to explore the swimming and the Rapids but I have done them before. Besides, I was happy to have one hell of a chilled weekend away from the stresses of real life.

When it comes to food, again it is up to you. You can eat out at the range of restaurants own resort, bring in your own food or buy from the ParcMarket which is Center Parcs’ supermarket! Be warned, it is VERY pricey compared to your average supermarket. TOP TIP: There is a Tesco in Flitwick which is approx. 5 min drive from Woburn Forest so you can always stock up before you arrive.

There is also the choice of getting a takeaway from the Center Parcs Dining In service. You will be spoilt for choice as there is so much to choose from, Chinese, Indian, Pizzas, Fajitas and more! In the end, me and my family ate out at the restaurants for two nights (Strada – Friday night and Huck’s – Saturday night) My parents went to Las Iguanas on the Friday night which is a new restaurant for Woburn. On the Sunday night, since the weather was VERY cold from the snow and rain, we decided to have a night in and ordered ourselves a Dining In Takeaway. I had the Fajitas and they were delicious!

Some people will say that Center Parcs is so expensive, and yes, it can be pricey but it is SO worth it in my honest opinion. You make the holiday as active or as relaxing as you want. There is plenty to do and you won’t be short for choice on where to eat. If you are in need of a staycation then Center Parcs fits the bill perfectly. I had such a fab time and can’t wait to make a return visit soon – hopefully won’t leave it for 2 years but we’ll see!

That’s all for now!