NYE Trip Highlights | Favourite Foods

NYE Trip Highlights | Favourite Foods

During my NYE 2019 trip to Italy & Germany, I will admit I indulged on a lot of scrumptious food at Gardaland and Europa Park. There was a lot of choices available. It was almost a challenge in itself to pick what I wanted. I haven’t written about food as a blog post on here since it’s always been a bit of a trigger subject for me. However, I am going to make an exception this one time. Why? Because I wanted to give you an idea into some of the delicious dishes you can enjoy. So, let’s dive right into the highlights of my favourite foods:

Merlin Stube | Gardaland

There may not be a large choice of food here but what they do provide is made to order and very high-quality for theme park food. From chicken legs to schnitzel, there’s a good range in my opinion. You have the choice of sitting in a tiered style inside the building or enjoying the Italian sunshine outside. Due to it being busy, our group decided to sit outside on the park benches – yes, it was cold outside but with the sunshine, it still felt somewhat ‘warm’. Plus, it’s in a nice location to people watch. Prices at this restaurant are what you expect for theme park food, might be somewhat pricey to those on a smaller budget – some dishes ranged from €14 to €18 however you get a sizeable plate of food and one drink (soft drink or a pint of beer).



Schloss Balthasar | Europa Park

Okay, as someone who isn’t that well researched on Europa Park restaurants, I had no idea this existed yet have had pictures taken outside the building! I’d probably put this up there as one of the higher-end restaurants at the park but honestly, I was super impressed with the high-quality food – it was incredibly filling and delicious. Considering this was the second medieval-themed restaurant we went to, you know Europa Park takes the upper hand when it comes to theming. Alongside the ornate building, the plate setting on the table was incredibly fancy. Sometimes the little details make all the difference to the dining experience. Prices vary from €15 to €28, you can choose from Steaks to Salads. Plus I’d highly recommend the Kaiserschmarrn for dessert – yummy!



Captain’s Finest | Europa Park

I heard a lot of good reviews of Captain’s Finest from my friends. They were not wrong about how incredible the dining experience was. I am not 100% into my fancy restaurants so I was a tad nervous about how I dressed and my overall table manners. Silly, I know but I always want to make a good impression. I didn’t need to worry as the staff were incredibly friendly and the food was exceptional quality. About 95% of the group went for the Steak, which was cooked to perfection. I opted for the cheaper option with the Cheeseburger – not my preferred dish but it was incredible. The meat was cooked exceptionally well, plus there were so many fries. That was a downside as I would’ve loved to have enjoyed one of their many desserts. Maybe next time! A superb meal was the perfect way to end our trip to Europa Park.



Seehaus Restaurant | Europa Park

If I hadn’t gone on this trip, I don’t think I would have discovered the amazing selection of cakes on offer here in Seehaus Restaurant. I have a very sweet tooth so this was like heaven for me – fellow cake lovers, take note and make sure you visit here on your next trip to Europa Park. Cake prices varied from €4 to €7 so pretty affordable in my eyes. Again, Europa Park is showing us how amazing their food range is on park. This was the perfect place to sit down away from the cold and enjoy a sweet treat paired with a warming hot drink. We visited here on New Years Day where temperatures had dropped to around -4°C so VERY COLD!



Fjord Restaurant | Europa Park

Anyone looking for a sizeable Salad dish, Fjord Restaurant is the place to go! The food options here are very nautical based so plenty of fish dishes including your trusty Fish and Chips. I opted for the Chicken Salad and it did not disappoint. I wanted to stay away from ‘something and chips’ so this was the perfect choice for me – plus I wanted to feel slightly healthy. This is a self service restaurant so you can pick what you want at the food station on the ground floor. I also grabbed a small Blackberry crumble for my dessert which was delicious. They do have a separate bakery station so you can grab a slice of cake if you wanted to.


What is your favourite restaurant in Europa Park or Gardaland?

Do you have a favourite food at Europa Park? Or indeed at Gardaland?

That’s all for now!

Lottie xoxo

Not Dogs at Chessington | Review

Not Dogs at Chessington | Review


Recently opened at Chessington World of Adventures is their brand new food outlet, Not Dogs, formerly Mexican Cantina in Mexicana. I went to visit Chessington on Saturday to try out this new outlet and I have to say, I was very impressed with the food!

‘Not Dogs was created by Katie and Jane; one meat-reducer and one vegetarian, both with a love of quick, very tasty & exciting food. Together they struggled to find mouth-watering veggie food and trustworthy meaty meals that satisfied that ‘fast food’ fix. The aim of Not Dogs is to provide food lovers with a delicious, fun, quality menu to excite and amaze.’

‘Veggies, vegans and meat-eaters cannot resist the unique menu of Not Dogs, burgers, breakfasts, sides and fries.’ – I can certainly agree with this statement as a meat-eater!


First impressions of the whole outlet, it looks simple and refreshing. I don’t have many memories of Mexican Cantina but I’m pretty sure it is the same layout as before. There are plenty of tables and chairs for guests to sit down and enjoy their meal. Once you have placed your order, simply find a table and wait for your meal to be delivered to you – half fast food/half sit down restaurant.

As someone who works in Marketing, the whole branding is brilliant. It’s quirky and fun plus the colour scheme is fab – Orange and Purple. Almost similar to the ‘Tiger’ colour scheme that is around this year at the park. Go and check out Land of the Tigers AFTER making a visit to Not Dogs! 😉 Plus there was super cute bunting all over the ceiling – LOVE IT!


So, let’s get on with the Not Dog food menu including prices! Worth noting that Annual Pass discount does not apply here. 

View the full Menu.


Meal Deal: Not Dog, Side, Drink – £9.50

Individual: Not Dog – £5.75

SIDES: Not Dog Nuggets / Waffle Fries – £2.75

EXTRAS: Load Them Up Fillings – Extra 50p


Meal Deal: Puppy Dog, Sides, Drink – £7.50

Individual: Puppy Dog – £5.00


Meal Deal: Burger, Side, Drink – COMING SOON

Individual: Burger – COMING SOON


Nice Shakes – £3.75 / With the Meal Deal  – £2.00

Soft Drinks (Diet Coke, Fanta Zero, Sprite Zero) – From £2.50

It is also worth noting that Not Dogs can cater for those looking for Gluten-Free options as well as for Vegans – just ask the server as you place your order. At the time of visiting, Burgers were unavailable however they were advertised as ‘COMING SOON’ so I definitely have an incentive to go back and try out the ‘Chris-P Chicken Burger’.


What can I say about the food? It was bloody delicious and the Nice Shake was on another level. As someone who tries to avoid dairy products, having a shake made with Rice milk was very welcome! All ‘meat’ products are from Quorn, if you have ever tried Quorn products, you are going to love this! You wouldn’t know the difference in taste at all – it is just as tasty as a Hot Dog.

One thing I did notice is the prices are not clearly visible for guests, they are not included on the small menus located at the entrance of the outlet – this can be confusing for guests! You’ll need to walk in and view the price board behind the counter where you can view prices including the meal deal and individual options. As above, it can be pretty pricey for your average food outlet at a theme park, but the quality of the food is worth it in my opinion. Don’t knock it before you try it!

You have the choice of a meal deal where you can choose a Not Dog or Burger, Side and Drink or you can have an individual Not Dog or Burger. There is also the option to have the ‘Bit on the Side’ as an individual meal too – perfect for a quick snack on the go! I would personally choose a meal deal option as value for money – for what is included in the meal deal, it is worth it. A main, side and soft drink – what more could you need to fulfil those hunger pangs. However, if you need to tuck into a snack ‘on the go’, Not Dogs also has you covered.

Annual Passholders, be aware that Not Dogs do not offer refills on the Quenchers.


Overall, I couldn’t fault the service I received at Not Dogs. The staff were very friendly and helpful to answer any questions you may have. Yes, with a new food outlet, it can be tricky to work out what to do or what is on offer on the menu, but I felt confident I could ask the staff for the help if needed. Seriously, give it a go next time you are visiting Chessington. You won’t regret it, plus you don’t have to be a vegetarian to enjoy the food here. Fab job, Not Dogs!

A little more info about Not Dogs:

‘The aim of Not Dogs is to provide food lovers with a delicious, fun, quality menu to excite and amaze. Not Dogs is an all-veggie company and taste and satisfaction is of upmost importance. Veggies, vegans and meat-eaters cannot resist the unique menu of Not Dogs, burgers, breakfasts, sides and fries.

It’s simple, we love animals, the environment and you! Not Dogs was created to offer a better fast-food menu for all three, happy animals, happy health and happy planet.’

That’s all for now.