The pros of visiting a theme park in the rain!

The pros of visiting a theme park in the rain!
1173659_10151845367364800_1508483313_nYou’re a true theme park geek if you can work out where this photo was taken! *wink*

It’s worth noting that as I’m writing this post, the weather outside is beautiful, blue skies and glorious sunshine. It’s not hot by any means, come on, it’s still February. Doesn’t really make sense, right? Trust me, I was thinking about the weather, and how much I want to be at a theme park – closed season, winter, boredom have taken their toll and now I’m craving a theme park trip – and I thought, let’s write a post about why you SHOULD still visit theme parks even when the weather is a bit miserable.

#1 Queue lines are SHORT!

Generally, I have found that theme parks can be so quiet when the weather is raining (or if rain is forecast for the day!) It puts most people off venturing outdoors and it’s perfect. Queue lines are manageable. Of course, if the weather is torrential rain, there is the high chance a coaster or ride will shut until the weather subsides or clears up, but most of the time – especially in the UK, you can still ride the coasters in the rain. Might be a bit painful but no pain, no gain?

#2 Quiet theme parks means more re-rides

You know when you visit a park and there’s that one ride you just want to re-ride all day. Okay, if the weather is raining or what not, you might want to think twice depending on the coaster (those launch coasters hurt in the rain people!) BUT there’s nothing stopping you from doing what you want to do. And if you have a 5-minute queue, you want to make the most of those re-rides. I know I would, within reason of course.

#3 Good excuse to immerse yourself with dark rides

Depending on which park you’re at, you could spend the entire day sheltering from the rain with dark rides. I can’t resist a good dark ride, even if it is nice to have a sit down for a few minutes. It’s also nice to take in the ambiance and immerse yourself in the experience. Unless it is a truly awful dark ride, Giester Rikscha I’m looking at you, in which case just spend your time laughing at how awful the ride is. If you’ve got geeky friends, talk about how much it needs improving or what you would change.

#4 It’s fun!

I don’t know about you but I swear you can have more fun in the rain at a theme park than when it is sunny. Could just be me, hey ho! I tend to find it more fun when it starts raining at a park. The panic of where to go next without getting too drenched, or the feeling of quick thinking about which ride you want to go on next – do you brave riding a fast coaster with rain pelting on your face or do you choose the safe option and shelter in a building. If you’re feeling crazy, why not do a water ride? There’s nothing to stop a water ride from shutting in the rain – unless you’re Storm Surge at Thorpe Park.

If these reasons aren’t enough to get you out when it is raining then you do you. Rain won’t ever stop me from visiting a theme park – I’ve had some good times in the rain, and some painful times – try riding Stealth at Thorpe Park front row in the heavy rain, then your face will feel pain! Although having said that, I could tell you to try riding Joris en de Draak in Efteling, in the cold, in the heavy rain… Now that was an experience. Photo proof below of me ‘hiding’ the pain. It was fun, honest.


That’s all for now!


Air > Galactica

Air > Galactica

Remember this whole craze that has been growing in the theme park industry, virtual reality being added to a rollercoaster? Yeah, I hate it. There, I said it. I hate the idea of it. I wish it would go away and never come back. I’m not too sure if many other enthusiasts share the same opinion, but I just don’t get why it is something to be considered.

My only real take on this is Galactica at Alton Towers and maybe in a similar way, Derren Brown’s Ghost Train at Thorpe Park, but I just don’t like the idea of wearing a virtual reality headset. As a glasses wearer, it’s a pain in the arse! I understand that with the way technology is advancing so much these days, it’s nice to try out new ideas BUT why not just keep the two things separate?


With regards to Galactica, I really enjoyed Air. I have a soft spot for B&M flying coasters and yet it was decided to add VR to what was a throughput machine. Now, there is long waiting times and the faff of the VR headsets – cleaning them etc. It’s a pain in the arse. I have experienced the VR on Galactica, and as much as it is impressive they turned it into a space theme, I don’t like the fact they have ruined a practically good coaster to begin with.

I miss Air! I’m probably in the minority that really like the ride. Okay, it’s nothing thrilling or intense but it doesn’t need to be – other B&M coaster types can do that for you, look at Nemesis that’s next door! It was designed to give you that flying feeling, a chilled out ride experience. The VR takes that feeling away from you – it’s a gimmick.


As a personal opinion, I don’t like gimmicks unless they really do work the ride. Galactica, I’m sorry, is one big gimmick. I like that you have the option to ride without the VR headset, and after my first experience of Galactica, I have since ridden without VR. I enjoy the coaster as it is and nothing is going to change that.

Maybe the only positive addition with Galactica is the portal. Don’t get me wrong, the way it is lit up at night is impressive – doesn’t change the ride experience though. I’m waiting for the day when the VR gets taken away. You don’t need VR on a coaster to make it better. Big bosses, stop ruining perfectly good rollercoasters with it!

That’s all for now!