My Disney Parks Bucket List

My Disney Parks Bucket List
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I want to be THAT person to say they have been to all Disney parks in the world. There I said it. It’s certainly becoming a mission and a half to do! However, all things take time and I can’t wait to explore them all. As expected, I’ve got a pretty hefty Disney Parks bucket list that I’d like to tick off. Having done a few trips to Disneyland Paris and 2 trips to Walt Disney World in Florida so far, I want to broaden my travels. Sometimes visiting the same place can become saturated and boring. And I don’t want that when it comes to the Disney parks. So let me tell you my Disney Parks bucket list…

Disneyland Park California CastleSource

Disneyland Park, California

This one is quite simply down to the fact that it is the ORIGINAL park and the one Walt himself walked down. As a Disney enthusiast, I want to explore the park that Walt built. Pretty much want to walk in his footsteps. Now, don’t get me wrong, the castle isn’t as iconic as say, Florida’s or Shanghai’s. But I think it adds that classic effect to the park. Sometimes you don’t need a big, fancy castle to make a Disney park good. Plus, I want to see all the differences between here and Florida’s 4 ‘kingdoms’. Especially now we’ve got the addition of Galaxy’s Edge! Fingers crossed I might be able to get a California trip booked in the next year or so. Watch this space!

Tokyo Disneysea Tower of Terror my disney parks bucket listSource

Tokyo DisneySea

This park looks bloody stunning. I mean, I know Disney go all-out with the theming of their parks and attractions but DisneySea is on another level in my opinion, and I haven’t even visited the park yet! Tower of Terror looks stunning and nothing like any of the other Tower of Terror rides – considering it’s meant to be creepy and a defunct like hotel style, this doesn’t give off that impression at all. And then there’s the number of dark rides that have some of the best collection of animatronics going – I know I’m bad for watching POVs but I can’t help it. I am in awe of this place and is very much one Disney park I NEED to visit, soon!

Mystic Manor Hong Kong Disneyland my disney parks bucket listSource

Hong Kong Disneyland

MYSTIC MANOR. Need I say anything else? Okay, there’s a bit more that is drawing me in to visiting Hong Kong Disneyland other than this singular ride. Come on, you just cannot deny that this is a true bucket list ride to tick off and I don’t think I have met anyone who isn’t fascinated or completely engrossed by the beauty and magic of Mystic Manor. From the videos and vlogs I have followed on YouTube, the park as a whole looks pretty and colourful – especially when you watch the parades and all the seasonal changes through the park. It has all your usual culprits of Disney classic rides including It’s a Small World, Hyperspace Mountain, Mad Hatter Tea Cups etc. I for one, can’t wait to venture out to visit the Far East parks.

Shanghai Disneyland Resort China CastleSource

Shanghai Disneyland

Let’s just take a small moment to appreciate the beauty and wonder of THAT castle. I remember the first time the concept art appeared for Shanghai Disneyland’s castle. Yes, I had my reservations about it. I didn’t want to like it yet once it was fully built, I don’t think photos do it justice. It’s easy for me to imagine myself spending a good few minutes staring at the castle when I first visit the park.

So what else is making me want to visit Shanghai Disney? There’s TRON Lightcycle coaster (Yes, I know there will be a version in Magic Kingdom opening in 2021!) and Pirates of the Caribbean – did you not see that massive pirate ship?? Shanghai has gone for big, spectacle style rides. I am aware that some reviews of the park in general aren’t great but if I can go at least once in my lifetime then it will be worth it!

Disneyland California Adventure my disney parks bucket listSource

Disney’s California Adventure

Finally, we are back full circle to the US and Disney’s California Adventure. Whilst this might not be your true, typical Disney park – I feel like this reminds me of the WDS of Disneyland California – however there’s plenty here to draw me in to the park. Why? There’s a decent collection of rides and attractions that I would like to experience including Incredicoaster, Radiator Springs Racers, watch Worlds of Colour, Guardians of the Galaxy – Yes, I will always have a soft spot for Tower of Terror and gutted I won’t ever get to ride the original but I’ve heard good things about this so I’m keen to try it out – and so many more. Plus I just want to get that iconic photo of the lake with Mickey’s Fun Wheel and Incredicoaster.

One day, I will aim to get myself to all the Disney Parks on my bucket list. A lot of planning will be required in order for me to get there, but it’s doable. I’m a traveller that wants to see the world so for me, this is the perfect way to visit even more countries and explore more of the world.

Which Disney parks have you visited?

Are the ones I have featured in this blog on your bucket list?

Or are you one of the few who’s ticked off all Disney parks? 

That’s all for now!

Lottie xoxo

Waterpark Wish List

Waterpark Wish List

Following on from my favourite water parks blog post, I thought I would compile a list of water parks that are on my wish list to visit. There’s so many fantastic water parks all around the world, and since I love to travel, I’d love to go and explore these places! As I said in my previous water parks post, a water park can be a great addition to your holiday planning. It is the perfect way to break up your trip and enjoy a new adrenaline rush away from rollercoasters.

Let’s crack on with my waterpark wish list…

Siam Park, Tenerife

Siam Park | Tenerife

This has been top of my list for quite a few years. Having never visited Tenerife before, even us theme park geeks need a chill holiday from time to time. And with the bonus of Siam Park, there’s plenty of reason for me wanting to go. With so many attractions available and watching all the vlogs on YouTube just makes me crave a trip here even more.

Aquaadventure Waterpark, Dubai

Aquaadventure Waterpark | Dubai

I mean, it says it is the ‘best water park in Dubai’ – don’t need to be convinced anymore now, do I? And from the photos and videos I have watched of this place, I can see why everyone wants to go.

Tropical Islands Resort, Germany

Tropical Islands Resort | Germany

I believe I have got the right name for this. Honestly, I just want to see what it is like since it an indoor water park, inside an airship hangar. That is purely the main reason for me wanting to go.

Rulantica @ Europa Park, Germany

Rulantica @ Europa Park | Germany

Okay, it isn’t open yet, but I must include this on my list because it will be open in 2019. I cannot wait to return to Europa Park and explore their new theme park. It will be the perfect addition to their resort and following the construction is making me even more excited.

Volcano Bay, Universal Orlando Florida

Volcano Bay | Universal Orlando

When this was announced, I just knew that this would be a must-do when I return to Florida. Seeing the photos of this place and watching, once again, more YouTube vlogs, I just had to see what all the attractions are like. The volcano centrepiece in the park is just, INCREDIBLE.

Aquaadventure Atlantis Waterpark, Bahamas

Aquaadventure Atlantis Waterpark | Bahamas

Now, I remember seeing this place in a film from the Mary-Kate and Ashley days. If you have ever heard of their film, Holiday in the Sun, then you will know exactly what I am on about. As a kid, this place that became a bucket list item since I was a young girl. And to this day, it is still very much on my wish list! The slide, Leap of Faith, that goes through the shark tank is so fab, but daunting at the same time!

Yas Waterworld, Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates

Yas Waterworld | Abu Dhabi (UAE)

Basically, if I’m ever making a trip to Dubai/Abu Dhabi, this will be on my list of places to visit. Plus with a name like ‘Yas Waterworld’, makes it so fab.

These are just some of the water parks on my bucket list that I really want to visit! It won’t be a surprise if this list does grow in the future as I discover new parks that I want to visit – and maybe find myself a money tree that can help me to travel more than I already do… One can dream. Are there any water parks that you think should be on my list? Let me know in the comments below.

That’s all for now!